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Christopher Rüsing

Master of photography based in Bielefeld, Germany



It is my goal as a photographer to use visual media in the most creative way. From time to time photography loses its analog base and is powered or replaced by digital techniques. This gives me the opportunity to step beyond the edge when visualizing realism. I take the chance to add a new layer of interpretation to my artwork. On this website, I want to show you examples of some free work of mine as a photographer or 3D Artist. Besides my camera, I use apps like Photoshop or Cinema4D for my visualizing workflow. Some ideas can only be realized by digital solutions. Retouching and digital editing are then needed whenever photography comes to a limit. I will never stop learning and experimenting. Most of my results are presented on this website.


Als Fotograf ist es mein Ziel das Medium “Bild” so kreativ wie möglich  zu nutzen. Die Fotografie, die mehr und mehr ihre analogen Wurzeln  verliert, wird heute fast selbstverständlich durch digitale Technik  ersetzt oder ergänzt. Dadurch ergeben sich Möglichkeiten einer  völligen Grenzüberschreitung der realen Abbildung. Ich sehe das als  Chance, um Bildern eine weitere Ebene der Interpretation zu verleihen.  Auf dieser Seite sehen Sie Auszüge meiner freien Arbeiten als Fotograf und 3D Künstler.  Zu meinen Werkzeugen zählen neben der Kamera auch Programme  wie Photoshop oder Cinema4D. Einige  Bildelemente können erst durch digitale Lösungen entstehen.  Bildbearbeitung oder CGI (Computer Generated Imaging) kommen da zum Einsatz, wo die Möglichkeiten der  Fotografie ausgeschöpft sind. Es ist ein ständiger Lernprozess und eine andauernde Phase des Experimentierens. Die meisten meiner  dabei entstandenen Arbeiten will ich Ihnen auf dieser Seite  präsentieren.

Awards + Features

2015 - FEP Emerging Talent (FETA) Award  ·  Europe

2018 - Featured in 3DArtist Magazine  ·  UK / GER


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In Detail

Get a closer look on my biggest projects.


Bentley Bluetrain

It's an homage to design and aesthetics that this car represents in every shape, every edge, and every texture. For sure I won't ever possess one of these, but this way I can at least call it virtually my own.

Over a period of nearly one year, I build this 3D Model on my own. While being no expert in cars or vehicle technology I referred to many pictures I found online to nail the architecture of this dream car.

View the breakdown of this artwork to see how it's done!


This time it's a personal one. In 2016 I got sick and was brought into hospital. From one moment to another my heart stopped beating. In consequence, I got a pacemaker implanted. That life changing moment I wanted to visualize in this artwork. The point of view and composition emphasises dramatics in the picture.

The "3D Artist" magazine honored this one with a feature over 4 pages in 2018.

View the breakdown of this artwork to see how it's done!



Inspired by old photographies of this vehicle from 1930 I tried to bring it back to life. With a bit of racing attitude, this became a dynamic artwork. The whole scene is fully rendered except the racer himself. I wouldn't guarantee a 3D printed version of this would actually work. In my artworks, I only focus on design and visual outcome. It was just fun to virtually hop on this outstanding piece of technology.

View the breakdown of this artwork to see how it's done!